Future farming - a soilless solution

We live in an age where the countryside makes a place for buildings. This becomes a problem for farming. Luckily there is already a solution for that, called aquaponics. With aquaponics, you can grow fish and crops, without using soil. It’s a circular system, where the crops are fed with water full of useful fish-waste and will filter the water back to the fish. You can literary move farming from country to buildings.

The problem is that people don’t really trust it, because growing fish and crops in ‘dusty’ buildings, without soil and sunlight, sounds unnatural. Next to that, the name aquaponics doesn’t explain much.

Future Farming – a soilless solution is an installation, where the process of aquaponics is fully dissected. People can now see that it actually works in a natural way and can try it themselves by downloading an opensource aquaponics installation.

In collaboration with:
Duurzame kost


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